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    How to Apply Eyeshadow

    There are many ways to apply eyeshadow. The order you use will depend on what look you want to achieve. You'll want to start with a matte neutral shade that closely matches your skin tone. Then, use a soft dome or flat brush to blend the color. Finally, use your favorite eyeliner to accentuate the eyes.

    Blending eyeshadow

    Blending eyeshadow is an important step to creating a great eye makeup look. It will make your eye makeup look more impactful and dimensional. It will also help prevent the appearance of choppy or uneven application. There are many ways to blend eyeshadow. Start by choosing a color that compliments your natural eye color.

    You should also begin by applying the eyeshadow before the base. This step is crucial especially if you are applying a fallout-prone powdery formula. By using this method, you can easily clean the edges and remove any fallout without ruining your base makeup. If you apply too much eyeshadow, you should tap the brush against your wrist or forearm to loosen the excess product.

    Using a blending sponge

    blending brush

    A makeup sponge is a tool that makes application of eyeshadow much easier. It is a versatile tool that can be used wet or dry. The wet end of the sponge has a pointed tip that makes it easier to get into corners. The dry end is slightly stiffer and is used to blend eyeshadow products.

    To clean your makeup sponge, use a mild soap or cleanser. Use enough soap to make a lather and massage it into the sponge. Rinse the sponge well and allow it to dry before storing it. A makeup sponge should be replaced every two to three months depending on the amount of use.

    Using a flat brush

    One of the most important steps in applying eyeshadow is to hold the brush at a 90-degree angle to your face. Otherwise, you may blend your eyeshadow too high. You should use the tip of the brush when blending across the crease, as it is the fluffyest part.

    Another step is to apply the shadow with a flat brush. A flat brush is easier to handle than a round brush. Besides, it allows you to apply more precise color to your lids. You may also use a flat brush to create the illusion of thicker lashes.

    Using a soft dome brush

    A soft dome brush is a great way to apply eyeshadow. It can be used to apply eyeshadow to the outer and inner third of the eyelids. This is especially helpful for the crease of the eye. Alternatively, you can use a soft pencil brush to apply eyeshadow close to the lash line.

    When using a dome brush to apply eyeshadow, always make sure the brush is clean. Then, you can blend shadow with the brush. Start by applying your darkest shade on the outer third of your lid and work your way inwards, gently fading away the darker shade. Try not to touch the darkest shade near the lash line.

    Highlighting the inner corner of the eye

    Highlighting the inner corner of the eye with shadow is a great way to add depth to your eyes. You can play with different colors and textures to make the corner look amazing. Use an eyeshadow pencil for this purpose. Make sure to wet it thoroughly before you apply the shadow. You can also use an eyelash glue to add gold flecks. A good eyeshadow brush for this job is a small, dense eyeshadow brush.

    The inner corner of the eye is often overlooked when doing makeup, but it can make a huge difference. It will help hide dark circles and tired eyes. It can also make you look more awake. Many makeup artists now use shimmery poppy colours to brighten up the inner corner of the eye. They can be pink, blue, or gold. Just dip your eyeshadow brush in one of these bright colors and apply it to the inner corner of your eyelids.


    Using a colorblock palette

    Using a colorblock palette to apply your eyeshadow is a great way to achieve multiple looks in one compact. Colorblock palettes usually contain two oversized pans of your favorite highlighting shades, along with four eyeshadow shades for the lid and crease. The four colorblock shades can be applied in any order you choose, but the darker shade should be applied closest to the upper lash line or brow bone.

    Using a colorblock eyeshadow palette can help you create a variety of looks, including a glam, playfully vibrant look, or an understated pop of color. The colors are incredibly pigmented and give you a variety of options for creating eyeshadow looks. However, these palettes are not very user-friendly. Therefore, you may want to experiment a bit before purchasing one.