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    How to Decorate a Balcony

    Decorate your balcony to feel like a cozy retreat. Invest in comfy chairs, a table, and a few cute decorations to create your own mini oasis.

    Try a few boho elements, from macrame hangings to dream catchers. Add a woven rug to soften the space.

    For a simple yet elegant look, frame your balcony with bamboo screens. It gives privacy while also creating a beautiful frame around your furniture and plants.

    1. BOHO Elements

    Incorporate second-hand or vintage elements into your balcony decor ideas to make it feel more relaxed and natural. Decorative pieces such as rugs, paintings, and pottery tell a unique story that can add interest to your space. Then fill the area with greenery for a calming vibe.

    Rugs are a classic accessory for boho spaces, and rattan or jute styles work well on uncovered balconies. The colors of the rugs can be neutral or vibrant, and the patterns can be as subtle or bold as you like.

    Cushions and pillows are a must for the casual vibe of a boho space and throw blankets add comfort to your seating arrangement. For a touch of color, pick floral prints or DIY leaf prints to coordinate with the greenery on your balcony.

    Small spaces often push you to be more creative when it comes to decorating a balcony. Take this example shared by @monimonk_81: The cozy pallet chair pairs with a side table made from a repurposed wooden crate to create a quaint little seating area for two. To finish the look, add a string of lights to frame the entire balcony decor.


    2. Wall Art

    The right wall art is an easy way to spruce up your balcony. You can choose from a wide range of prints and styles to suit your home decor or go for a more minimal look. Try to incorporate a piece that will complement your existing furniture and bring out the best in the space.

    Balcony decorating is all about creating a cozy living room experience, and you can easily do this by adding comfortable armchairs, a coffee table, a rug, a throw blanket, and some impactful wall decor. Make sure to pick the right colors to ensure that the piece will blend seamlessly into the overall scheme.

    If you have a spacious balcony, you can even transform it into a party-ready bar area. A simple bar cart will do the trick, and you can accentuate it with some hanging plans and lanterns for a more dramatic effect. If you have pets, then you can adapt your balcony to a pet-friendly setting by adding a surround of wire mesh screening. This makes it easy to keep your pet contained while also keeping them safe from any potential flying debris.

    3. Bamboo Screens

    Bamboo fences are great for creating a sense of privacy and protection on your balcony. They also look incredibly natural and can be matched with other bamboo-related elements to create a cozy and tranquil space.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your balcony feel like an extension of your living room, try adding some of your favorite indoor pieces, such as vases of fresh flowers or cozy textiles. This helps to create a flow of style that can be easily carried outdoors, even in the heat of summertime.

    To create a bamboo privacy screen, start with one bamboo pole and cut a piece of twine equal to the height of your screen. Wrap the twine around the bamboo pole, forming a figure-eight shape. Repeat this step for the remaining bamboo poles in your privacy screen. When you’re done, you can trim the excess wire from each pole.

    4. Curtains

    When you decorate a balcony, the curtains you choose can set the overall tone for the space. Curtains that billow in the wind add a tropical feel to any balcony, while chevron or other geometric patterns suit modern balconies. Floral and nature prints lend a Mediterranean or English country aesthetic, while hand-dyed batik fabrics evoke an exotic, bohemian feel.

    Long, narrow apartment balconies offer special challenges when it comes to decorating. However, these long spaces can easily be transformed into attractive and functional living areas. A long balcony can also be a great place to grow your own vegetables or herbs.

    Regardless of the shape and size of your balcony, you can make it one-of-a-kind by adding pops of color. Paint the furniture a bold hue, hang a colorful DIY photo wall, or add a vibrant floor with interlocking deck tiles that are a rental-friendly solution for covering a concrete balcony. You can also add a relaxing touch by hanging wind chimes from the railings.

    5. Vertical Space


    Add height to your balcony design with a vertical plant wall or hanging chairs. They make the space feel more open and spacious and add visual interest. This gorgeous setup shared by stylebyemilyhenderson features a custom floor, woven furniture, and solar string lights.

    Hanging a gallery wall of photos or a collection of candle lanterns is another great way to add color and style to your balcony decor. This is a fun DIY project that can also serve as a conversation starter when entertaining guests.

    Consider putting up a half privacy screen to shield your balcony from nosy neighbors, like this super-affordable idea by Allezeitderwelt. The thin bamboo strands still allow onlookers to see the balcony interior, while adding extra privacy.

    If your balcony is facing the east, west, or north direction (these are considered good directions as per Vastu), try growing fast-growing vines to block unwanted sunlight and create a cozy private corner for relaxing. Toss a comfy throw blanket on top of the sofa and a couple of soft cushions to complete your cozy balcony retreat.