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    What Are the Decorating Trends?

    As we get ready to kick off the new year, we wanted to take a look at what's hot in the decorating world. These trends are based on the predictions of interior designers and experts from across the country.

    One trend that's taking off is a renewed interest in bright and bold colors. This includes jewel tone paint colors.

    Arches & Waves

    Curves and arches are a big trend this year. From curved sofas, rounded kitchen islands to sculptural twists on lighting and fluted tables, you're going to see a lot of these shapes in 2023.

    Arches, or natural bridges as they are more commonly called, are a feature of coastal cliffs, fins and stacks that are exposed to erosion by the sea, rivers or weathering (subaerial processes). These formations become narrower due to erosional processes exploiting weaknesses in softer rock strata over geologic time scales.

    When the softer rock stratum is exposed to waves, it collides with and refracts water. Over time, this refraction concentrates the wave energy to create an arch. The force of the water refracting on the arch eventually causes it to collapse and form a sea stack.

    Deep Earthy Colors & Patterns

    There’s something comforting about natural elements and colors that bring the outdoors in. These earthy colors can create a grounded and relaxing environment for your home, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms.

    Deep browns, blues, and terracotta hues are some of the most popular earthy colors to use in your home. These colors are very versatile and will pair well with most other colors, including neutrals.

    Another way to incorporate earthy colors into your space is by bringing in natural materials like jute and woven rugs. These textured rugs add depth to any room and are great for adding natural elements that will tie your design together.

    For a modern bedroom, try pairing earthy shades with cool grays to create a balanced, elegant look. You can also pull in wood textures in furniture to further emphasize the earthy elements in your room.

    Arches & Curves

    Arches are a popular architectural element that's sure to make an impact in your space. Not only do they provide structural support, but their curved forms are also visually pleasing and add depth to any interior design scheme.

    One of the most simple yet effective ways to bring this trend into your home is through furniture, including sofas, chairs and vases. You can also incorporate this aesthetic in small decor details such as mirrors and recessed shelving.

    Another way to bring in this trend is by installing arched doorways into your home. This will instantly elevate the look of a space and create a soft, flowing space between rooms.

    Vintage Influences


    When it comes to interior design, vintage influences are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a style that blends contemporary design with classic pieces and styles to create a look that feels fresh and unique.

    Whether it’s antique furniture or vintage fabrics, this style draws inspiration from historical items and traditional decor. The warm colors and calming textures are perfect for anyone who wants to add a cozy touch to their home.

    This style also incorporates floral wallpaper patterns for a nostalgic look that’s both charming and uplifting. This look is particularly ideal for rustic homes with small proportions.

    Adding vintage touches to your home will make it feel like a more lived-in space. But keep in mind that using too much of a vintage look can make a room feel unfinished or outdated, so it’s important to mix it with modern elements.