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    1Pcs Neck Support Massager

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    Do You have a problem with your neck? This  Self-heating Magnetic Neck can help with that. 


    1. Strenthen neck are

    2. Dredge the meridians

    3. Promote blood circulation

    4. Eliminate work stress

    5. Promote sleep

    6. Relieve fatigue


    Color: Black

    Specification: Standard Size


    1. Permanent Magnet: self-heating with water

    2. High-elastic Fabric: flexible and comfortable

    3. Magic Buckle


    1. Thoroughly wipe the tourmaline on the brace with a damp cloth.

    2. Place the tourmaline on the brace close to the neck and fix it in place.

    3. Adjust the tightness properly, generally 15-30 minutes, you can feel warm.

    4. If the redness occurs in the corresponding parts, it is a normal phenomenon. After 20 mins of removal, the phenomenon will disappear.